All of our recipes are made from scratch and with lots of love. Owners, Samantha, and Jesse Fox have taken the recipes passed down from Samantha’s family and made them their own.


Tostones – Green Plantains that are twice pan-fried and served with a side of spicy cream sauce. $8

Sweet Plantains – Ripe Plantains fried and caramelized. $7

Queso Frito – Hard Spanish cheese that is fried until crispy and served on a bed of arugula. $9

Cuban Pork Sliders – Tostone topped with shredded pork, pickled red onion & cucumbers. Served with sour cream. $11

Marinated Shrimp Skewers. $9


Handmade dough stuffed with freshly made fillings and deep fried.
$3.50 for 1, $6.50 for 2, $18.00 for 6

Traditional – beef and cheese

Shredded Chicken

Yuca & Cheese – (great for kids)


Pollo Guisado – Chicken Breast that is seared then stewed in a Secret Red Sauce $14

Cuban Plate – Slow Roasted Pork layered with White Rice, Black Beans, and Pickled Red Onions, and Cucumbers $15

Bistec Encebollado – Seared Flat-Iron Steak Served with a Side of Red Onions and Moro $17

Bacalao – Salted Cod with Onions, Bell Peppers, White Rice, and our special Red Dominican Sauce $19


Cuban Sandwich – Slow roasted pork, smoked ham, mustard, pickles and swiss on a pressed buttered bun. $13

Chimi Burger – Ground beef mixed with onions & peppers & topped with slaw and a house sauce. $11

Pico Pollo – Fried chicken sandwich. Chicken is marinated in a Criollo sauce. $11

Pepito Steak Sandwich – Marinated Flat-Iron Steak with Onions, Shoestring Fries and our House sauce. $14

Soup & Salads

*Add Grilled Shrimp ($7) Spanish Red Chicken ($5) or Slow Roasted Pork ($6)

Dominican House Salad – Spring Mix, Shredded Cabbage, Sliced Tomatoes, Cucumber, Bell Pepper, Onion, and Sliced Beets. $7

Avocado Salad – Spring Mix, Ripe Tomato, Red Onion. Choice of fresh or Fried Avocado. $9

Dominican Sancocho – Chicken Broth Based stew with Plantains, Yucca, and Squash. Served with a side of White Rice. $5 – Cup $8 – Bowl


Papa Frites – Fries

Rice and Black Beans

Moro – yellow rice with red beans cooked together

Seasonal Vegetables

Side Salad

All Sides are $3.50

Kids Menu

Grilled cheese 

Chicken Tenders

Spanish Chicken and Rice

*Sides include fries, seasonal fruit, or rice and beans.*

All Kids Meals are $5.50