Our Sangrias are made from scratch; hand-crafted using minimal sugar, brandy & an assortment of fresh fruits infused in the wine for a minimum of 24 hours before separation.


Our Traditional Red Sangria,  Red wine and brandy infused with apples & oranges, no sugar added.

Our Traditional White Sangria, White wine & brandy infused with strawberries, apples, & a hint of oranges, no sugar added.

This Weeks Special Red Sangria,  Call to ask for details on this weeks special flavor.

This Weeks Special White Sangria, Call to ask for details on this weeks special flavor.



Lime or Strawberry Caoba– Rum, fresh lime juice, & simple syrup $8

Rosy Lemon– Rose Vodka, Elderflower Liqueur, Strawberry Simple Syrup & fresh Lemon. $11

Zorros Rum Punch – Mixture Mango juice, cranberry juice & Brugal Rum. $8.50 (single w/ ice)

The Bishop – Our Red Sangria, Rum, fresh lime & simple syrup. $9.50

Scratch Margarita– Tequila, Triple Sec, Fresh Lime & Simple Syrup. $8.

Makers Mark Manhattan– $11

Old Fashioned– $11

Beer, Crafts & Seltzers

Miller Light, $3.50 (bottle)

Bud Light, $3.50 (bottle)

Coors Light, $3.50 (bottle)

Yuengling, $3.50 (bottle)

Corona, $4.50

Presidente, $5.00 (bottle)

Hazy Little Thing Hazy IPA, $4.50 (can)

SlyFox Slugger, unfiltered Pilsner, $6.00 (can)

Southern Tier 2xIPA, $4.50 (can)

Whiteclaw, Black Cherry, $5.00

Whiteclaw, Mango, $5.00


Coke, D. Coke, Sprite $3.50 (free refills)

San Pellegrino– sparkling mineral water, $3.00 (small)

Malta- carbonated malt beverage, $2.50

Lemonade- $3.50 (free refills)

Kids Apple Juice box or Lemonade, $1.50